Storyboarding the Aghast Raisin Man Show

We are really getting into our storyboarding now. It is an interesting process as what you see in your head while reading the script and how you imagined them whilst writing the script may not match the final storyboard.

It is also a delicate process as there is a need to get every shot and the entire sequence correct. Every shot type has a different meaning and so it is important to know about them all before you begin.

Storyboarding sketch comedy is also a different challenge in itself as there are many different unrelated scenes and some are parodies of tv shows or movies. When they are parodies you need to know exactly what they are parodying and how those shows/movies etc are shot and copy them as best you can.

It is also important to let the comedy and story flow.

With all of that in mind we are making our way through the scripts. Some scenes are easy and others require a lot of re-working in order to get them right.

We are having fun storyboarding and in the end that is the most important thing.